Episode #4 – Having a Laugh with Nathan Hurd

Nathan is a comedian and actor, living in LA, but that is where the stereotypes end. Nathan pretty much breaks all stereotypes with his physical appearance alone. And, I’m not even going to explain that. You need to go check him out at the links below to see what I’m talking about (although it is mentioned once in the podcast).

At one point, my daughter comes in to ask for help with her homework, and later on, I’m laughing so hard I can barely speak. But why edit that out? That’s the fun of this, you never know what might happen.

Nathan can be found all over.
http:// instagram.com/nathanhurdcomedy
search @nathanhurdcomedy on TicTok
And check out the Pdcast Nathan does with his long time friend and roommate Zane ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/zanehelberg