Episode #20 – Killing it in the Music Business with Miss Krystle

I found Miss Krystle thanks to her YouTube Cannel, Top Music Attorney, Well, that content was still a part of her Miss Kryslte channel at the time, but as discussed in this episode, she recently split the business content into it’s own separate channel.

As I commented on an Instagram post of here, it should be illegal to be that smart, that talented, and that attractive. This statement perfectly describes this week’s guest. She is an entertainment attorney, an author, TEDx speaker, and she’s also a very talented musician.

You can find more from Miss Krystle at the links below:

YouTube Business Channel Top Music Attorney
YouTube Music Channel Miss Krystle
Her Firm’s website https://www.delgadoentertainmentlaw.com/

Intro music: By me – Bill Gelwick

Outro Music: Hollow Me by James “Odie” Sailors. The full studio version of Hallow Me was just released. https://www.n1m.com/Defacto/song/935767-Hollow-Me?