Our free training is the cornerstone of our existence. Yes, we have many paid services we offer, but our free training is designed to build your following, and sales, to a profitable level. All this, before any premium services are offered.

I know what it’s like. I am still an amateur musician (mainly because I promote everyone else, and don’t have time for my own). So I get it. We have a few goals here, at Autonomy Talent, when it comes to your career.

  • First, we want to help you break even. All artistic endeavors are expensive to start. Supplies, gear, travel etc. Once your art is paying for itself, then we can move to the next goal.
  • Second, we want you to be profitable. Once you have hit the break even point, the net step is to turn a profit from your art. We will then show you how to take a modest profit, and invest it to accelerate your grown.
  • Third, we want you to be able to make your living doing your art. Once you are making your living doing what you love, you will never look back.
  • And finally, the next level. We will show you how to generate additional streams of income from your works of art.

That, is how you go from the proverbial “starving artist”, so someone who lives life on their own terms.

Instructional Guides

Once you decide to get started, you will have access to an entire suite of instructional guides. Our Growth strategy consists of many parts. There are guides on how to set up the basics, for those who have yet to even set up an Instagram account, all the way up through advanced tracking and targeting, and everything in between.

We have established strategies, and adding new ones all the time, for most of the major social networks. These are also tailored to the type of art you create. The guide for growing an Instagram account for a painter is significantly different from that of a rock band. These guides go in depth. We cover all topics from what, when and where to post, to how to engage with your target market, and grow your business. And, through our use of Autonomy Squads (more on this below), you will have all the support you will need along the way.

We even have more advanced instructional guides on how to set up your own website, SEO best practices, setting up and using an email list, integrating your site with your social accounts, and tracking visits to re-target page visitors on Facebook.

Many of these instructional guides also have an accompanying video. You can open the PDF in one window, and have the video playing in another (or on a different device, since we all have ta least 2 or within reach at all times). The video will follow the outline of the PDF, but often will dig a bit deeper into some of the topics

Other Content

And, don’t forget that we also have a regular stream of free content that is available to you, as well as the general public. Our blogs, video blogs, and podcast episodes will be packed full of information.

We will also have a regular stream of content that we curate from others. We cannot be the experts on all things. So, we will be having guests, fairly often, who have more good information to share with you. We are constantly watching trends, keeping our finger on the pulse of the social web, so as a result, so are you.


You are never alone. Not only do you have the full support of the entire Autonomy Community at your disposal, but when you decide to follow this strategy, we will help you find an Autonomy Squad to join. These are groups, ranging from 4 to 8 members, all within the same type of art, and often a similar genre (although not always because some types of art work differently). And, in most cases, you will want to team up with others in your general area. A part of the strategy, for most, is going to include live events.

Your Squad serves as the foundation for the entire process here. You will support each other, cross-promote each other, and help each other grow far larger and faster that any of you could alone. Add in the random Squad Mix (cross promoting with another squad of a similar type), and the Ultra Squad Mix (cross promoting with squads from completely different areas of interest), and it’s easy to see the power of Autonomy Squads.

And, as always, there is specific training on how to find a squad, or find additional members for your squad, how to make the most of continuous sharing between each other, etc. You will also be provided with a secret group, on Facebook, where you can all share and plan in private. Plus, when a new Autonomy Squad is registered, we will set up a squad account on Instagram. All members are given the login credentials, and will share in growing that account as well, which will in turn grow each of you. That will be the public face of your Squad, and will tie you each together making it easy for others to find you all.

Get Started NOW!

The longer you wait, the longer it will take to realize that dream of making a living doing what you love. You have absolutely nothing to lose.