Indie Artist Spotlight #10 – Miss Krystle

Oddly enough, I did not find Miss Krystle because of her music. I came across her other content, while researching info on starting Autonomy Talent. Because, not only is she an exceptionally talented musician, who owns her own record label, but she is also an entertainment attorney. So if you want to stay up to date on the business of music, tune in to her weekly sow on her YouTube channel, Top Music Attorney.

You will be able to hear more about Miss Krystle, and her background, next week when her interview episode airs, but for now, let’s dig into the 3 songs for this week.

These tracks, and all the tracks featured in these episodes, can be enjoyed on the Indie Artist Spotlight Spotify Playlist

The following descriptions came directly from Miss Krytsle:

“Save Yourself: This song was the first real step in my transition into AGGROPOP (Aggressive Pop) music, and it was one of the first songs that really started making waves on social media. It has a very pop/rock vibe about it, and is one of my all-time favorites! 

Dangerous Daughters: This is probably one of the more emotional and personal songs off the upcoming album (also titled Dangerous Daughters). I particularly love the “ahhhhs” in the beginning of the song. 

Angels In The Valley: There is such an extreme contrast between the parts in this song, and it perfectly merges EDM and electronic rock together. I really like the distortion and gritty feel of this track.