Autonomy Talent was founded on the idea that artists should own their own music, not have it seized by their record label. Artists, by their very nature tend to be more autonomous. It’s time their industry supported that. This is why we are Autonomy Talent!

Initial Strategy Session

Who are you, as a person and an artist? What are your goals? Where are you on the path toward attaining them? These will be the first questions we ask. Once we determine where you are, and where you want to go, together, we can figure out how best to get you there. To accomplish this, we offer two main services, each providing many individual services.

Virtual Manager and Recording Partner

Between these two, we can handle everything you need to grow your career. Task items can be mixed and matched as needed. For example, you may already work with a producer, or have your own engineer. We will gladly adjust, and assemble the perfect team, strategy, and tactics to fit your needs.

Your location does not matter. We can work with artists from all over the country, and the world. Video chat meeting have become our norm as of late. They work great for most meetings, and we can easily set one up to chat with you. Again, that is the beauty of the connected world in which we live today.

Talent Management

We take an entirely different approach to talent management. Technology is at the core of everything we do. With today’s communication options, a manager can work with an artist, handle every aspect of the business, and do it all from anywhere in the world. We refer to them as your Virtual Manager.

Your Virtual Manager performs all the same duties and functions as a traditional manager, just from a remote location.

  • Handle all finances – payable and receivable
  • Assume responsibility for all Negotiations
  • Manage employees and HR
  • Schedule all bookings, travel, logistics
  • Create and manage all marketing campaigns
  • Investigate and implement additional revenue streams
  • And much more

Your Virtual Manager’s function is to handle the business side of music, so you can focus on the music itself. He/She will be your coach, confidant, your biggest cheerleader, and when needed, your most constructive critic.

Recording Partnership

First and foremost, we are not a Record Label, even though we do perform most of the same functions. However, we refuse to seize ownership of your creative work. So, rather than try and explain how we were a “new type of record label”, we decided to just use a completely different term. As a Recording Partner, we help you record your music. In return, we will have an exclusive distribution agreement, with a revenue split, during the contracted period. But, you own your artistic creation 100%, from day one.

The only way we are able to accomplish this is by keeping our overhead low.
Implementing more efficient practices, from reducing real estate expense by working remotely, to streamlining processes, and not we are able to keep our costs down. Not to mention, we don’t drop insane advances on artists that some have a hard time ever repaying. All of this is what makes us different, and lets us offer you a premium service at a discounted rate.

You will see benefits such as:

  • You always own your music – we cannot stress this enough
  • Shorter contract periods with less recording expense
  • Options to renew all or part of these services beyond contract term
  • Additional services we can include to make it literally a one stop shop

The decision is yours to make. Do you want to give away your music that you have been working on all this time, and hope to have a chance to buy it back one day? Do you want to run the risk that they may shelve your album if it isn’t performing (yes, that happens)? Or, do you want to retain ownership, and have people working with you, who only succeeds if you succeed?

If you are ready to talk with us, and see what we can do for you, fill out the form below, and someone will be in contact with you shortly (typically within 2 business days)