Episode #12 – What’s My Name Again – Kevawn

Featuring his brand new track “With Me or Not” Ft. A-Town

I had to go with this episode title since I seemed to have some trouble pronouncing Kevawn (key-vawn) at first. We had a fun hang, and talked about a ton if different topics. From working with our teams, getting started recording, and working playlists up to, and including, The Tiger King. Spoiler alert, we both think Carol did it.

One thing to mention. At one point, the topic came up of having people request you pay them to get your music played on certain online radio stations and playlists. I mentioned the payola laws. The scandal actually took place in the 50’s and early 60’s. Technically it is not illegal to charge someone to play their music, but you must disclose that fact, publicly, at the time of broadcast. I am not a lawyer, and this was not intended to serve as legal advice. Here are links to the Wikipedia page about it as well as the link to the source, the payola information on the Federal Communications Commission website, so you can research this for yourself.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and hopefully pick up on a few bits of useful information.

You can find Kevawn’s music on all major platforms, as well as his social links, via his linktree link below.

Kevawn wanted to give a shout out to a couple friend sand music partners on Twitter:
Wesley: @wes2kk
Cotto: @beatsbycotto