What Is Autonomy

Dictionary.com defines autonomy as:

independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions, or self governing


I like to think of it more along the lines of self-reliance, without control of others. That is the intent a Autonomy Talent. 

The old way of doing business with creatives just does not function in a modern society. Record labels, publishing houses and the like would assume ownership of your intellectual property, and then pay you a penance for your effort. If you were lucky, once they had their fill, and no longer cared to promote your work, they would allow you the opportunity to buy the rights to your own creation. How generous of them? 

This is the exact opposite of autonomy. Contrast that with the way we do things. We never take ownership of your work. You always own 100% of your creations. This means total freedom for you. 

  • No label, publisher etc. telling you what you can and cannot create. You Maintain complete creative control. 
  • You will never have to buy your own creation. That seems absurd to us. 
  • You have a partner to help you with every aspect, not a boss for whom you work, that dictates how the creative process is to function. 
  • You maintain complete Autonomy. 

That is what Autonomy means to us. You are your own, unique, wonderful self, and your creations are a reflection of you. We want you to keep it that way. The only person you should have to answer to is you. 

Welcome, to Autonomy Talent, a different approach to the business of creatives. 

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