With the rise of self publishing, there is more great music being released today than ever before. The sheer volume has brought independent music to the mainstream. More people are listening to more music than ever before. And, there are no more gate keepers. No longer are there radio stations and record labels standing between you and your audience. You have a direct path to them. The challenge is, how do you stand out, and get noticed?

The short answer, you have to promote. Our clients, who are contracted with us to provide either our Virtual Manager or Recording Partner programs, get the advantage of our promotional team working for them. We continuously work to get them more streams, videos views, and social following, book more shows, sell more merch and a lot more.

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s great, but I don’t have a marketing team working for me”. What if I told you that you could have our team working for you, without breaking the bank? This is your chance to get Agency/Label level promotion, for less than you pay in rent for your practice space.

We are independent artists ourselves, so we get it. it’s tough when you are first starting out. It costs a lot to get going. Between equipment, rehearsal space, travel to play shows and other expenses, you are losing money in the beginning. It’s difficult to gain traction, and make enough money to be able to bring on a manager. But, it’s hard to do it by yourself without a manager. And, it can be difficult when you seek out a manager or label.

Whether it’s us or another agency, first thing we look for are numbers. Streams, views and follower count are part of it, but those can be faked. So you have to look a bit deeper. What sort of engagement is the artist getting? Do they get a lot of shares and comments on their videos, social posts, etc? But, the bottom line is, people cannot engage with you if they never heard of you. Let’s change that.


Promotion, in the early days, is intended to increase exposure. It’s all about branding. But let’s face it, when you don’t have much of a budget for promotion, branding exercises seem like a waste. But in fact, that is the most important money you can spend. Dropping ads to sell tickets will not be nearly effective if you have not first built the brand awareness.

It takes a certain level of interest, from a potential fan, to even get them to listen to your song. Something needs to catch their attention. it takes a great deal more interest to get them to pay for any of your music, see you live, join your Patreon page, buy merch etc. None of this is possible if you do not build your brand. You have to get seen, and in a way they will remember, and gives you the chance to engage them further.

It will still be up to you to be engaging. But, we can help with that too. Between our free content we post, and the training materials we are still working on (yes, it’s taking way longer than anticipated), we can show you how to not only build a following, but engage them, and create super fans.

We have put together a plan that allows us to offer many of the promotional tasks we offer our recording and management clients, at a cost that is affordable to most.

The goal is to grow your social following and engagement, get more streams/video plays, overall increase exposure, and then help to engage, We want to take first time listeners and turn them into super fans. Using a wide reaching campaign, including organic and paid traffic, we will help you grow.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below, and we will be in contact very shortly.