Indie Artist Spotlight #6 – Stone Age Man

A large, fluid ensemble of members means this band has unprecedented flexibility. This is, by far, the most eclectic band I’ve ever heard. Having a chance to listen to these 3 tracks, analyze their differences, as well as the similarities, was a treat for the sense.

Bio From The Band’s Website
Stone Age Man are a fun and diverse music collective from Canada. Full of wicked humor and dark groove, Stone Age Man performances range from intimate acoustic shows to full blown electric Zappa mayhem with 9+ players!

Grounded in rock, blues and cabaret their music boldly crosses cultures to emerge twisted into exciting new forms. From barnstorming gospel to indie rock, past gentle melancholy to klezmer folk-punk riot and beyond! Stone Age Man is a band that will keep you guessing. You can be sure of one thing though, audiences dig Stone Age Man!

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