Indie Artist Spotlight # 5 Mike Allen

You are in for a real treat today. Mike Allen, super talented, with an exceptionally broad taste in music. And that wide range of influence comes through in his music. Melding elements from multiple Genres, Mike has created a sound, that I believe, is unique only to him. Elements of EDM, Synth, alt rock, hard rock, and other influences ranging form punk to classical, combine for this truly unique sound. Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned during the episode, but Mike produces, records, and mixes all his own work, with only a little help with the final mastering (see the shout out in the links area below). Did I mention he’s talented?

Here are today’s 3 Tracks:

The Night That I Saw Hell – is a track from my last EP ‘The Benefit Of Doubt’ and is about my struggles with addiction.  
The Weight Of Choice – was the second to last track written and recorded for the album ‘Motives’ and is about a seemingly unpopular political opinion, depending on what circles you run in. (I think I misread that and said it was the first one written for this album in the episode. Sorry)  
New Bliss – was the first track I wrote and recorded for ‘Motives’ and is about coming to terms with mortality and how everyone’s opinion on the matter is just as valid as the next guy’s. 

These tracks, and all the tracks featured in these episodes, can be enjoyed on the Indie Artist Spotlight Spotify Playlist

You can Find Mike all over the social web. Here are a few options:


And, Mike also wanted to send a shout out to guy that masters all of his tracks: Crimson Sun Audio – Mastering And Mix Engineering

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