Indie Artist Spotlight #3 – Kortokrax

Another artist who I crossed paths with during the QuaranTUNES curation, Kortokrax is an EDM artist with some really cool grooves.

Today we have 3 tracks form Kortokrax. In the episode, I will introduce each track, then give my take on it after. I think you will really like these. The second is what I would refer to as “baby making music”. The tracks are as follows:

Walking the Shore: In this song I reminisce about wanting to be back home and thinking about friends and loved ones. It is a slow easy rock jam that sounds great in a pair of headphones.

Colorado: this funky groovy instrumental is perfect for a nice slow drive around town. It is a banger done right.

Funky Bump: the uptempo instrumental hits just right. Puts this song on , and go for a walk.

These tracks, and all the tracks featured in these episodes, can be enjoyed on the Indie Artist Spotlight Spotify Playlist

Kortokraxx can be found at the following links: