Indie Artist Spotlight #1 – Karmaa

Putting together the first of anything is always fun, especially when it’s done, and presented to the world. It’s also never without its challenges. I tripped over my tongue, and use “uh” a few too many times, but I was winging it. The plan is to develop somewhat of a formula for the song breakdown. These are things we will work out as we go.

But enough about that, what about the featured artist? I’m glad you asked. What can I say about Karmaa that hasn’t already been said. She has even come up talking with other guests on the main interview show. That’s what an impact this young artist is having on her community.

That’s why I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick off this segment than Karmaa. She is putting out love in the #IndieNation all day, every day. She’s like a machine. She has successfully built her reputation on building up the reputations of others, and there’s not one thing contrived about it. Genuine and sincere, whether it’s her music community, or the LBGTQ community, she always takes the approach of attacking the issue with love. The third track in this featured spot does exactly that. The tracks, with their cover art, are listed below.


With Mateus Seth, from the collaborative EP “Hear Me Before I’m Gone”

I’m Thinkin’ On Ya

Thinkin on Ya

Thinkin’ On Ya (feat. Mateus Seth and WhoIsS.A.S) chill party track single.



WERKK leading single from my upcoming 2021 album. Pride Anthem that is all about inclusion, equality, confidence and self love.

These tracks, and all the tracks featured in these episodes, can be enjoyed on the Indie Artist Spotlight Spotify Playlist