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The Inaugural Episode!

This is an exciting day. I have been looking forward to getting this show started. Technical setbacks, then the holidays, all combined to make it take a lot longer than I had anticipated, but it is going to be all worth it.

I’ve already got several more guests lined up, and have recorded a couple of the net episodes. Also, there will be a regular mid-week episode called “Info on the Go”. Shorter shows, recorded during my commute, focusing on a specific topic. These will be more tactical in nature.

In this episode, My brother, Jason, and I sit and BS for about 30 minutes. This episode follows the format of his show, The HI Comedy Pod. The show is all bout comedy, particularly stand-up, with a heavy focus on the Hawaii Comedy scene.

The typical format here will be to speak wiht creatives, of all types. We will discuss what they do, and what they do to promote themselves. Hopefully this will help you to learn a few new things to help with your own promotions. And, you should probably follow Autonomy Talent across all our social platforms (links below).

Also, the membership site will be coming soon. Autonomy Membership will always be free. We will have tons of additional info, available in the member area, including the overall strategy that any creative can use to grow their following.

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Swapcast Show – Hi Comedy Pod
Intro Music – “Untitled” – by me, Bill Gelwick
Outro music – “Hollow Ma” by James “Odie” Sailors https://www.numberonemusic.com/defacto

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