The Link in Your Social Bio Matters

This is a quick tip video form our YouTube channel. I (Bill) have spent more than a decade marketing online. Everything from affiliate products, to reselling on eBay, and even had a marketing firm working for local businesses. And one thing that I continue to see again and again is, people don’t make the most of the link in their bio on social networks.

This is critically important on Instagram, as you only have 1 link, but also applies to Twitter and others. A lot of people use a service like Link Tree (, and that is perfectly fine. But, in the info on the go segment of the podcast, I stressed why you should do a page on your own site instead, that has all your links.

If you do this, it can have a big benefit down the road, when it comes time to market yourself further. How? If you have the Facebook pixel installed, you can set up a custom list of website visitors. This way, everyone who has visited your site is in a list on Facebook. Now, when it comes time to run ads for your latest single, album, tour etc, you’ve got a list of people to market to that you already know have shown an interest in you. For clarity, you cannot see who these people are, but Facebook will use them as your audience for the ad, and you can add geo-targeting if you want to advertise a show in a specific location.

This video simply shows an example, on mobile, of the page that was created here,, to show the intention. I hope you enjoy.