We offer a wide array of services. We are everything from a consultant, to a production company, to a record label, a booking agent, and a distribution and promotion juggernaut.

The reason we start with so much free training first is two fold. First, if you follow the plan, you will be earning enough to more than justify spending your money with us. Secondly, It is a vetting process. There is no getting around doing the work. You always have to in the beginning. So, if given a proven formula, and you still are not seeing success, then the odds are, you did not put in the work. But, we promise you this. If you put in the work up front, we will go to work for you in a major way.

What We can offer

Our services vary greatly, depending upon what type of creative you are.


This covers a lot of ground. Technically, our free training is consulting. However, we also offer more tailored consultations, both in an a la carte format, and included within packaged deals.

  • More tailored strategies, to fit your specific needs.
  • Packages that include monthly strategy meetings.
  • Hands on guidance with your paid marketing efforts.


Whether you need recordings of your songs, prints of your art, editing of your podcasts, or any other production needs, we have the team to handle it.

  • We will produce your work, without assuming ownership of it.
  • for artwork, we will pay shipping both ways, have your pieces scanned at ultra high resolution, and the digital files saved to be printed on demand
  • Need CD’s or thumb drives to hand out your music? We can handle that too.
  • Exclusive distribution rights, for a specified time period, or quantity sold, is our standard. At the end of that period, you own your all your work free and clear.
  • We pride ourselves on always providing premium production value.


Your work is done, the reproductions have been completed, and now it’s time to get them to market. Whether it is a physical piece of art, digital writings or recordings, books, or other medium, we have you covered.

  • Our own store, as well as storefronts on Amazon, eBay, Wish and others, ensures that your physical products will get exposure, and make sales.
  • Cultivating relationships with streaming services, and playlist creators means we have the ability to get your music, comedy, podcast or other recorded content heard. Get streams, get exposure, get paid.
  • We can also help with merchandise. We all need merch! And with the storefront exposure we bring, you are guaranteed to move merchandise.
  • order merch for your shows (including art prints) at 10% over cost, just to cover our expenses in shipping and handling.
  • We refuse to charge shipping, ever. All purchases, made directly from our store, will be shipped free of charge. (other outlets may require a shipping fee).
  • Our print on demand process, and free shipping, mean that you can carry less inventory, and have your customers order directly, saving you up front costs.


Ah yes, one of my favorite topics. Most of our free training revolves around self/team promotion. The worlds greatest painting, song, book, joke, video or podcast is worthless if nobody ever sees it. If you are looking for our promotional services, then you already know how important this is, and now you are looking to take some of the promotional load off your shoulders.

  • Eye catching graphics, copy that grabs attention, and added support from the official Autonomy channels can boost your organic reach exponentially.
  • We can take the reigns of your Squad accounts, and really boost their following through a combination of organic and paid promotions, as well as partnerships with other squads we manage.
  • Ninja level paid advertising. Whether it’s advertising your upcoming show, promoting your prints or other merch, or using a few dollars to more rapidly increase your brand awareness, we will take your paid advertising to the next level.
  • We can even, in some cases, assist with merch sales in person (subject to location and availability).


As a part of the Autonomy Talent community, there are certain inherent benefits. These are simply a byproduct of being affiliated with our organization, and will benefit you from day one, as a free member, all the way through the day when you have purchased our most aggressive marketing bundles.

  • All the brand equity that Autonomy Talent receives, from each member, is constantly passed back. We promote our members, across our social accounts, daily.
  • And, since it is in our best interest to sell your merch, we will be promoting it heavily, on our own. This means, that even if you have yet to pay us a dime, we will have a constant stream of ads running, promoting our various products, including yours.
  • This entire system is based on a mutually beneficial relationship. Once your contract period has ended, for exclusive distribution rights, we would very much like to continue to offer your merch, prints, books, etc. You may pull your items at any time, but you are free to continue to have them listed in our stores as long as you like. You will own the masters, so you can even shop around, and if you can find a better deal on printing etc, you may create your own, and sell them in whatever manner you see fit. Our goal here is, to be bringing so much exposure, and making so many sales for you, that it is not worth the effort to make that change, even though you are no longer under contractual obligation.
  • Remember, the entire leadership team here at Autonomy Talent is made up of creatives just like yourself. I myself (Bill) am a musician, Just starting out as a stand-up Comedian (at the time of this writing), a podcaster, blogger and have dabbled in writing books for Kindle. The initial team here at Autonomy Talent came from the early creatives who joined. Creatives, with certain skill sets, became more involved. This means we think like you, and are sympathetic to your concerns, because we have all been right where you are.

By now, you are making a decent return on your work, and you are looking to get some help taking it to the next level. Click the link below to see the packages we have available. Additional services can be added on a one time, or recurring basis.