We are doing what we can to help artists not only get through this challenging time, but to come out of it stronger than before. Links to all the QuaranTUNES Playlists are below.

If you are an artist, who is missing gigs due to the Corona Virus Lock down, and want to get your music features on our playlists, go join the QuaranTUNES Facebook Group. Under announcements, there are posts for the Spotify and YouTube playlists. Drop your links in the comments of those posts. And, if you are doing live streams, drop the links to those in the group as well, and I will share them around.


Mixed Genre QuaranTUNES – Branch out a bit, and check out a variety of artists. This is the one that started it all. Over 70 tracks, and over 3 hours, of listening pleasure. Who knows, you may find a song you like from a genre you wouldn’t have expected.

Genre Specific Lists

These could surely be broken down further, but it’s a good starting point.
Alternative QuaranTUNES
Country QuaranTUNES
Electronica QuaranTUNES
Hip Hop/R&B QuaranTUNES
Pop QuaranTUNES
Rock/Metal QuaranTUNES


Mixed Genre Playlist