Indie Artist Spotlight #4 – Lauren Norstrom

Let me start by saying, Lauren’s voice is off the charts good. When Covid decided to shut everything down, and artists didn’t have live gigs anymore, I decided to do something to help. So, I created the QuaranTUNES playlists (you can find them all here: The idea was to help artists gain exposure during this time, and hopefully continue to grow their following in spite of the pandemic.

While looking for artists to add to the playlists, I listened to almost 1000 songs by over 200 artists, all in about a week. There were definitely a few standouts, and Lauren was one of them. Her voice caught me from the first note, and held me through the entire song. Plus, Lauren represents a renaissance in the pop world, by being a true singer songwriter. She writes all of her own lyrics, and she works with a variety of producers for the music. The 3 tracks featured in this episode are straight fire. I think you’ll enjoy this.

Drip Dry: Original vocals over a Tom Misch beat.

Send Me Your Kisses: A working progress and is not yet released. However, the video has become a fan favorite and has gained quite a bit of traction. its not difficult to see why. See for yourself:

15 Seconds: Laruen’s most recent track (released on Monday 4th). There is a free download available on her website. See link below.

These tracks, and all the tracks featured in these episodes, can be enjoyed on the Indie Artist Spotlight Spotify Playlist

All of Lauren’s links can be found on her website,

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