Episode #9 This Crazy Game Called Music with The Forgotten One

Jordan, aka The Forgotten One, is a hungry young rapper, who is hustling his butt off to make this work. Originally from Rhode Island, He has set up shop in San Antonio Texas, just a few hours south of me actually.

We discuss everything from Jordan’s new producer, and new EP that just dropped, his new gig as an A&R for his label, Corona quarantine and a lot more. We go into pretty good detail of how to go about building a following on Twitter the right way, playlist curation, and basically study Jordan’s journey, so far, as an example of how to promote yourself as a new artist, and stand out from the crowd.

This was a fun hang, as they all are. I love talking to other artists. I’ve always seemed to vibe well with creatives. I hope you enjoy listening to our chat, and find a few nuggets of info you can take away from it.

You can Find The Forgotten One all over the internet.

And, since I dropped the ball as a host, and did not ask him to shout out his producer, I wanted to be sure to get him credited here.
Adrian Vasquez, Audiophile Media Group