First and foremost, we are creatives, just like yourself. We understand your struggles, and your victories, because we have had them too. In many instances, we still do.

Our Core Values

We value Community and Cooperation above all. A community, that is so close you feel like family, will do anything for each other. Through a culture of cooperation, we hope for you to get all the help and support you need, while still maintaining full Autonomy.

Our Purpose

Being artists ourselves, we have a passion for other artists. We had the same dream as everyone, to be able to make our living from our creativity. Our purpose is to facilitate that transformation, by meeting you where you are, and doing what it takes to get you to where you want to be.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help as many creatives as possible, to realize their dream of Autonomy through their chosen art form. We will provide you the tools, strategies and support you, and through the community, you will find accountability partners to help keep each other on task.

What You Can Expect from Us and What We Expect in Return

We will provide you the tools, it is up to you to use them. You will have everything you need to make your talent work for you, and to become profitable. It will be up to you, to make the most of it. Don’t worry. You will have all the help and guidance you need along the way.

Of course, we could do a lost of the heavy lifting for you. Most of your social posts need to be actually from you, but we could handle all the graphics, promotion, and brand management. But, we feel that would not be fair to you, for two reason.

  1. In the early going, hiring someone to do all that would be highly cost prohibitive. We want you to help you become profitable first, so that you can then afford to have others handle some of that for you.
  2. By doing, you will learn how to promote yourself, so that you will never have to be dependent upon someone else for that. And, we want to be sure you are willing to put in the work before we are ready to invest in you. It’s a win/win.

When you have the power to do it all for yourself, you have true Autonomy.

We are… Autonomy Talent