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Who exactly is Autonomy Talent?

About Us

Autonomy Talent is here to serve. We are creatives ourselves, so we fully understand all your struggles. We have had, and sometimes continue to have, them as well. With a host of free content and training manuals, you will have all the tools, and the strategy you need to grow your audience, increase your social influence, and start to earn real money from your creations.

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We put out regular content in written form as well as video and audio. Check back regularly…

What Is Autonomy

Autonomy ~ self-reliance, without control of others. That is the intent a Autonomy Talent.

Episode #3 – Music Marketing with Vince

This is a great episode, chocked full of actionable content. That’s what happens when you get two guys together, both of whom really love promoting artists. Vince and I met …

Episode #2 – The Birth of a Movement

Autonomy Talent is more than an agency, or a podcast, or even a community. It’s a movement. That’s because the ultimate goal is to disrupt the entire entertainment industry. Honestly, …